Welcome To Australian Continental Equestrian Group Inc!

We are proud to be a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).
The ACE Passport has been added to the list of “FEI approved national identification documents” available on the FEI website as well as on the FEI Database.
This means that this Passport can now be used as a national identification document for FEI horses.

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Phone:  0436 010 676

email to: [email protected]

Service Certificate Book (available for ACE Reg. Stallion members only) ~ $99

Stud Service Return Form

Single Page Service Certificate per page (available for members only) ~ $15

DNA Request  (available for members only) pdf ~ $70 for parentage analysis

Embryo Transfer ET Record Form pdf ~ No Charge

ACE Group Inc AI Record Form pdf ~ No Charge

Application form  for Service Certificates pdf

Genetic Screening Tests pdf ~ various pricing available on request.


Stallion Assessment 2 Sections.  (Movement and Conformation) only available during the ACE Tour for Colts and Stallions over 2 years old. ~ $185

Stallion Assessment 3 Sections. (Movement and Conformation, and either Jumping OR Ridden) Jumping can be done in a free jumping lane or under saddle. ~ $255

Stallion Assessment 4 Sections. (Movement, Conformation, Jumping and Ridden) Jumping can be done in a free jumping lane or under saddle. ~ $330


If the mare has been covered by two stallions in the same season, it is essential that two Service Certificates be lodged and DNA will be required to establish paternity.

Any mares inseminated by transported or frozen semen must have a Service Certificate as well as an Artificial Insemination Form (AI) completed by the veterinary surgeon or technician who performed the insemination.

This form should be sent, completed, back to the Stallion/Semen owner who can then fill out the Service Certificate with the correct information.

Semen dealers should complete the appropriate section of the Artificial Insemination Form and forward it with the semen to the veterinary surgeon to complete the remaining sections.

The owners of all stallions currently financially registered in the Stallion Register must purchase a Service Certificate Booklet from ACE Group. These forms must be completed for every mare the stallion serves. The forms are non-carbonised forms which are in triplicate – the top copy is to be forwarded to ACE Group, the duplicate to the mare owner and the triplicate copy stays in the book. Certificates must be completed and lodged with ACE Group by the 30th April of each year.

Awards for Stallions
ACE registered stallions of especially high quality are awarded distinction. The inspection of the stallions is carried out during the yearly ACE breeding inspection and assessment tour.
Stallions scoring an overall percentage of 78% and higher are eligible for a premium award.
Stallions scoring a total average of 80% and higher are awarded elite stallions.


Horses used for breeding are expected to be healthy and fertile. General health, as well as the health of reproductive organs and hereditary health, are to be taken into account.
Recognition of results of sports performance for the entry into the Stallion Studbook.
ACE recognises results from international and national competitive sports events/ horse performance shows for approval to the ACE studbooks if they correspond to the following placings:

Dressage: Receive scores of at least 68% five (5) times under various judges in tests at the advanced level or higher at EA Australia recognised events; or

Jumping: Be placed in the top three (3) in at least 1.45m to 1.50m courses for a total of five (5) times at EA Australia recognised events; or

Eventing: Be placed three (3) times in the top 50% of finishers at EA Australia recognised events at a three-star or higher level.

Horses that achieve these performance results may be accepted into the Studbooks – provided they have also passed an ACE approved inspection of movements, external appearance, and internal characteristics.

Licensing Application

An application for the licensing of a stallion during the ACE breeding inspection and assessment tour must be submitted to the main office of ACE within the time limit stated on the ACE website.

Conditions for admittance to licensing:

The following conditions must be met for a stallion to be admitted to the licensing:

❖ The stallion must be at least 30 months old on the day of presentation for the preliminary licensing and 36 months of age for the full licensing,

❖ His ancestry must correspond to the conditions for registration in the stallion studbooks and register,

❖ the stallion´s certificate of pedigree must be presented on the day of licensing.

The ACE register for stallions is divided into these 4 sections:

❖ Stallion Studbook 1

❖ Stallion Studbook 2

❖ Stallion Studbook 3

❖ Stallion Register

Stallion Register 

Any ACE registered or recognised stallion that does not fulfill one or more of the stallion studbook requirements will be listed in the stallion register. Stallions in the register are eligible to receive a service certificate book from ACE, to encourage efficient record-keeping and registration of the progeny.

To be registered in the stallion register the stallion must be ACE registered with an official registration certificate or an ACE horse passport and have a DNA profile with ACE.

Stallion Studbook 1
  • Assessment Score 7.5 or more.  Or at least 75% for 4 sections.
  • Must be ACE registered or ACE recognised.
  • Have 4 generations of documented breeding.
  • Minimum height of 163cms.

Stallion Studbook 2
  • Assessment Score 7.5 or more.  Or at least 75% for 2 sections.
  • Must be ACE registered or ACE recognised.
  • Have 4 generations of documented breeding.
  • Minimum height of 163cms.


Stallion Studbook 3
  • Assessment Score 7.5 or more.  Or at least 75% for 2 sections gives PRELIMINARY LICENSING.
  • Assessment Score 7.5 or more. Or at least 75% for 4 sections gives FULL LICENSING.
  • Must be ACE registered or ACE recognised.
  • Need not prove 4 generations of documented breeding.
  • Minimum height of 163cms.