Stallions: Kjento, Glamourdale, Negro and Lantanas

  • 1 dose – 1 certificate, 1 full dose will be used for one mare
  • With Embryo transfer where more than 1 embryo is produced from 1 dose, the first embryo is included in the per dose fee. Each additional embryo – a charge of 50% of the per dose fee is required.
  • ICSI is not allowed unless the ICSI contract is signed by the agent and the veterinarian who will perform the procedure.
  • A breeder/buyer of a dose of semen cannot on sell the semen unless the agent is notified and it must always be a full dose.


Ibiza Frozen Semen:-

ACE Group will supply a second Service Certificate if two pregnancies can be achieved from one dose of Ibiza Semen.

To apply for a Service Certificate from ACE Group, you must supply a completed (by your vet or AI Technician)  Artificial Insemination Record Form (AI Form), downloadable here.

Email the AI Form to [email protected] and a Service Certificate will be posted to you.