Semen Import 2022

The current list of stalllions is now available for download.  Some of the prices for Gestuet Sprehe have not yet been finalised but the list is a good indication of what is available.  2022 Stallions

Please note that the stallions SECRET and FS BLOOMBERG are currently sold out for this season and won’t be available again until next year. 

Closing date for orders will be 7th July 2022.

Please order using the online order form below.  Make sure to enter the name of the stallion and the number of doses for each horse.

An invoice will be sent to you by email after the completion of the application.   Any orders not paid for will be forfeited.

Please read the conditions of purchase carefully as we cannot be responsible if you think that you have made a mistake.  Semen is stored with Gene Movers in Melbourne and can be kept in the ACE tank for the current season only, storage charges apply thereafter.  Freight to your own storage is your responsibility. Download the current Freight Rates here

This is a service only available to our financially paid-up members!

The general conditions for the Semen Import will be that The ACE Group will make all necessary arrangements including shipping, insurance, import paperwork, collecting of frozen semen from breeders in Europe, etc. This is to ensure it is all brought back using the correct procedures, that meet Australian standards, to ensure your precious cargo arrives into Australia safely and without issue.

This will only be made possible by our members paying upfront for their semen* so that The ACE Group can pay the breeders in Europe, and make all the necessary importing arrangements to ensure all smooth transactions and safe arrival of the shipment. The shipment will be fully insured!

*Includes Associated Costs

As pregnancies are achieved the ACE Group will issue your Service Certificates provided that there is a prompt return of the AI Records.