ACE Group Inc. aims to breed a refined and correct Performance Horse that will excel in performance-orientated equestrian disciplines such as Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, the Show Ring, and Carriage Driving to name a few.

The horse needs to be in proportion, well-framed, its movement’s elastic, cadence, and ground covering.

Type: Desired is an elegant, generously lined, and harmonious riding and performance horse with the ability to excel in all areas of the equestrian sport. Among others, the horse should have an expressive face with large eyes, a well-formed neck and saddle position, appropriately muscled, and correct conformation. The Breeding stallions and broodmares should correspondingly have an apparent masculine and feminine expression. A coarse, inelegant, inharmonious appearance and for breeding animals, a lack of sexual expression is undesired.

Conformation: Desired is an overall harmonious conformation which enables the horse to efficiently excel in all areas of the equestrian sport throughout the horse’s lifetime. The conformation of the front and hind legs should be correct in position and angle. Their size and proportion should match the overall conformation of the horse. Joints and tendons should be clearly defined. Please see below an outline (desired / undesired) of the individual parts of the horse’s body:

Source: Horse Evaluation published by the Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e.v.

Desired Undesired
Head / Face Noble, elegant, expressive, well-defined, fine A coarse head/face with no expression and Roman nose
Eye Large, lively, and friendly Small, covered, dull
Throat latch Wide and open Thick and narrow
Neck Fine, medium-long, well set and attached at the whither, tapered towards the head Short, too long, ditch in the neck, straight/thin neck, heavy/bull neck, ewe neck, swan-neck
Saddle Position Long, well-formed, and pronounced wither with a large, sloping shoulder and long forearm Short, flat withers, small and straight shoulder, and a short forearm
Frame (top line) Rectangular format, harmony between the forehand, middle hand, and hindquarters. Long slightly sloping croup Square format, soft or stiff back, open and long flanks, short or horizontal croup
Front legs Well muscled, correctly positioned with large, well-defined joints and elastic medium-long pasterns, well-formed hooves Poorly muscled, thin front legs with small, flat joints, buck-kneed, calf-kneed, tied in below the knee, flat heels or too narrow hooves, short, upright pasterns, pigeon-toed, splay-footed.
Hind legs Well muscled and positioned with wide, well-defined, lean, and correctly aligned hocks, elastic pastern, and well-formed hooves Too angled or too straight hind legs, narrow or short hocks with incorrect alignments, short pasterns, cow-hocked, bow-legged.


Movements including Jumping

Basic Gaits: All movements should be elastic and straightforward, developed from an energetic hindquarter, and transmitted through a supple, swinging back to the forehand which freely reaches forward from the shoulder.

The phases of the walk should be ground covering, relaxed, and regular with strides being even and footfalls correct in sequence (walk = 4 beats).

The phases of the trot (trot = 2 beats) and canter (canter = 3 beat) should be elastic with a clearly visible movement of suspension (cadence), sustained impulsion, light-footed, and load-bearing with natural elevation and balance.

Undesired is short, flat, and inelastic movements with a rigid back and tight shoulders. Also undesired are irregular movements, swaying, rocking, as well as turning or twisting movements that result from being narrow at the hock, pigeon-toed, wide at the knee, or splayed footed.

Yalambis Carpino Z
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Jumping: Scopey, talented, and cautious jumping that shows composure and intelligence is desired.

During the course of jumping (free jumping / under saddle), there should be a clear collection, a fast push-off at take-off, pronounced, fast tucking up of legs (forearm should be held as horizontal as possible), an arched back with clearly protruding withers and a downward bending neck with opening hindquarters (bascule).

During all phases, the flow of movement and the rhythm of the canter should be maintained.

Especially undesired is jumping with a lack of caution and ability, hanging legs, the nose high over the jump n conjunction with a hollow back in which the flow of movement and the rhythm of the canter are lost as well as uncontrolled and indecisive jumping.

Internal Values: Ability to perform, character, temperament, and health.

Desired is a versatile, talented, and rideable performance horse, excelling in any equestrian discipline. The horse should be uncomplicated and easy to handle, yet eager to please and perform, have strong nerves, be reliable, and have a good character as well as a calm and well-balanced temperament.

Particularly undesirable are horses that are difficult to handle, nervous, and or rebellious.

Robust health, the ability to withstand physical and mental stress, natural fertility, and freedom from genetic defects are also desired characteristics.