Welcome To Australian Continental Equestrian Group Inc!

We are proud to be a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).
The ACE Passport has been added to the list of “FEI approved national identification documents” available on the FEI website as well as on the FEI Database.
This means that this Passport can now be used as a national identification document for FEI horses.

Postal Address:

Australian Continental Equestrian Group Inc.

PO Box 224

Canungra  Qld  4275

Phone:  0436 010 676

email to: [email protected]

ACE Membership

~ ACE Group Membership Form pdf         Online Membership now available  here.

~ Constitution for ACE Group Inc

The ACE Group Inc. offers the following classes of membership: Ordinary Membership, Family Membership, Associate Membership, and Corporate Membership. 

To become a member of the ACE Group Inc., please complete the membership application form (either digitally or on paper) and send the membership application to the Breed Registrar by email or post. Both methods of application form are provided in the links above.

If you have any questions please contact the Breed Registrar, Ingrid Chester, by emailing [email protected]

The ACE Constitution above provides full information on how the ACE Group Inc. operates.

Membership for Individual ~ $75

Family Membership   ~ $100

Corporate  Membership (entitles employees to show ACE registered horse) ~ $120

Associate  Membership for Individuals ~ $50

Associate Members are not entitled to vote and cannot access registration services. A family membership can include a person, their spouse (including de facto spouse), child or stepchild. 

Corporate members are companies incorporated in Australia which are registered on the Register administered by that class of Membership.

Family and Corporate members are entitled to one vote at a meeting of members and are entitled to have one representative eligible to be elected to a Committee of Management.

Membership runs 12 months from the date of application.

Full Membership

A Full Membership name may include an individual person, partnership, family group, company or corporation. Includes the monthly newsletter and option to register any number of horses under the membership name.

The ACE Group Inc. is an ‘A’ Class member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) (wbfsh.org) ensuring pedigrees of ACE Group Inc. registered horses are accepted by other overseas breed societies. The WBFSH is the major connection between the breeding organisations of sport horses and the Fédération Equestre Internationale (fei.org).

The ACE Group Inc. is comprised of volunteers who are committed to and passionate about promoting the Warmblood breed and also assisting members to enjoy rewarding partnerships with their horses.   ACE conducts activities to promote the breed as well as members’ studs, stallions, etc.

ACE Group is always ready to welcome any member or group from other States who would be interested in holding their own ‘ACE’ activity e.g. Showjumping Comp., Dressage Comp., Young Horse Comp.