Welcome To Australian Continental Equestrian Group Inc!

We are proud to be a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).
The ACE Passport has been added to the list of “FEI approved national identification documents” available on the FEI website as well as on the FEI Database.
This means that this Passport can now be used as a national identification document for FEI horses.

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ACE Group Inc.

PO Box 224

Canungra  Qld  4275

Phone:  0436 010 676

email to: [email protected]

ACE Performance Pony Studbooks

For members only.

The breeding program of ACE includes set measures to enter ACE studbooks ensuring the progress in reaching the breeding goal of a refined Australian Warmblood – ACE.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the guidelines for acceptance into the ACE Studbooks.

~ Provision II ACE Performance Pony Breeding Guidelines

ACE’s breeding goal is to breed a versatile, talented and rideable performance pony, that is, physically and mentally able to excel in all equestrian discipline, especially suitable for children.

The ACE Performance Pony needs to be in proportion, well framed with elastic, cadence, and ground covering movements.

The selection criteria are:

  • Ancestors,
  • External appearance,
  • A sequence of movement which includes showjumping,
  • Internal characteristics such as trainability, the ability and willingness to perform, character, temperament and health and
  • Results of sport performances.

As defined in the Provision II ACE Performance Pony, the following breeds are approved to enter the studbooks AFTER assessment:

Group I:

  • Australian Sport and Riding Ponies
  • European Sports and Riding Ponies, such as
    • Belgian Sport Pony
    • British Riding Pony
    • Dansk Sport Pony
    • German Riding Pony
    • Italian Riding Pony
    • Le Poney Fracais de Selle
    • Nederlands Pony met Arabisch Bloed (N.P.A.)
    • Austrian Riding Pony
    • Palomino Pony
    • Pinto Pony
    • Swedish Riding Pony
    • Swiss Riding Pony
    • Welsh Section K (Netherlands)
    • Welsh Part Bred
    • Nederlands Welsh Ridepony
Group II:

  • Connemara
  • Dartmoor
  • New Forest
  • Welsh Ponies Section A, B, C and Welsh Cobs
Group III:

  • Anglo Arabian
  • Arabian
  • Australian Warmblood ACE
  • Warmbloods, registered with a WBFSH recognised association
  • Small Performance Horse (above 148cm)
  • Palomino (above 148cm)
  • Pinto (above 148cm)

Please ensure to download your copy of Provision II ACE Performance Pony and please contact the ACE Group Inc. office for more information.

 Table 10: Approved breed crossings as part of the ACE Performance Pony


Approved Breed Breeds of Group I Breeds of Group II Breeds of Group III
Breeds of Group I



 Breeds of Group II 




(Crossing of the same breeds are not approved)


Breeds of Group III