Welcome To Australian Continental Equestrian Group Inc!

We are proud to be a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).
The ACE Passport has been added to the list of “FEI approved national identification documents” available on the FEI website as well as on the FEI Database.
This means that this Passport can now be used as a national identification document for FEI horses.

Postal Address:

ACE Group Inc.

PO Box 224

Canungra  Qld  4275

Phone:  0436 010 676

email to: [email protected]

Lost Papers/Passport

If your horse’s passport has been lost, damaged, or stolen, a duplicate passport can be issued. A duplicate passport should only be requested once every effort has been made to locate the original if it has been lost.

Please note that as per the current regulations, if your horse is not already microchipped then your vet will need to implant a microchip before we are able to issue the duplicate passport.

The duplicate passport will be stamped as a ‘duplicate’.

$75.00 for members only.

To request a duplicate passport as well as a Certificate of Ownership, the current registered owner is required to submit a Statutory Declaration in accordance with the appropriate state law explaining why and where the papers have been lost and requesting duplicates.

Request duplicate papers or passports.pdf

In the event that the original passport is located, please return both the duplicate and original copies to the ACE Office with a cover letter (please also provide your contact details). The original passport will be updated accordingly.    Any completed vaccination or veterinary pages will be transferred from the duplicate passport to the original as required. The updated original passport will then be returned.

The ACE Group Inc.
PO Box 224
Canungra  Qld  4275