ACE Regulations around Registration of Horses

A few points below, in order to understand more clearly the regulations around registration of horses with ACE Group Inc.

  • Only one Passport is permitted per horse.
  • Registration of a horse with multiple WBFSH member organisations is not permitted. Where the horse is registered first with a member of the WBFSH it can then be recognised by other WBFSH member organisations. For example, a horse with an Oldenburger Passport can be recognised by ACE but not registered with ACE, and vice versa.
  • Multiple registrations are possible where other organisations are not WBFSH members. For example, if a horse is registered with the Arabian Horse Association of Australia (AHAA) and then with ACE, it can receive an ACE Passport, because AHAA is not a member of the WBFSH. However, where a horse is registered with AWHA, registration with ACE is not permitted, as AWHA is a member of the WBFSH.
  • Stallions registered but not licensed with another WBFSH organisation (such as AWHA, Oldenburger, Westphalian) are permitted to use ACE service certificates only after assessment and licensing with ACE. These stallions pay a ‘registration’ fee to ACE in order to be entered into the Studbook and receive ACE member services. If a stallion is registered and licensed with another WBFSH organisation in another country he will be automatically accepted into the ACE Stallion Studbook.
Can progeny with only Dam being ACE registered, be registered? Sire is Registered and Sire Registered with another breed Society (not Warmblood). I read on the website: “minimum of 25% warmblood studbook parentage” Please advise if it is possible and the process.

Yes, we can register this progeny, however, if both parents are not warmblood the progeny will be registered as whatever cross the breeding results in e.g. AWB x Arab = Arabian Warmblood. Each case can be different, please consult with the Breed Registrar.


Can you please tell me the quickest way to register a horse with ACE Group?

You are required to be a member of ACE Group Inc. in order to register your horse.

  1. Copy of Sire Registration Papers.
  2. Copy of Dam Registration Papers.  If the mare isn’t registered then she will need to be registered and DNA taken.
  3. A Completed Service Certificate.  If a service certificate has been sent through by the semen provider prior to registration, please notify the ACE Group Inc. office.
  4. Foal’s AI Form or ET Form (AI Record Form pdf)(ET Record Form pdf)
  5. A DNA test is required for all AI and ET foals and horses.
  6. A DNA test is required for all registrations from 1/8/2022
  7. Foal or horse to be registered has to be microchipped or branded.
  8. Completed horse ID Form (Downloadable here)
  9. A photo of the foal or horse from both sides
  10. A photo of the head
  11. A picture from behind to confirm the markings
  12. FOR FOAL REGISTRATION: The foal has to be sighted on the dam by an ACE representative (e.g. During ACE Assessment Tour) or vet. If this is impossible due to geographic location, the breeder has to submit adequate photographs of the FOAL AND DAM together..

Use our online form, fill in the form and upload your documents.

If you prefer a manual form, download and print the form from here, fill in the information and attach all necessary documents and post to PO Box 224, Canungra  Qld  4275.

If all required information is supplied and correct then the application can be processed very quickly.

Email us if any doubts, [email protected]

Definition: Rightful Breeder Of A Horse

Time and again disputes occur as to who the rightful breeder of a horse is. Often these disputes do not arise at the time the foal is registered with a studbook, but when said foal has grown into an athlete that competes and performs successfully at top level.
Arguments can be made that the person responsible for the creative pairing of pedigrees should be considered the breeder, or that the person who registers the foal with a studbook is its breeder. But there are many grey areas, for instance embryos that are purchased & carried to term in surrogate mares. Is the breeder the person that was responsible for the conception of the embryo? Or the owner of the mare at the time the foal was registered, even if the mare in this case is not even the biological dam of the foal?
Due to disputes that have occurred in relation to this issue not only between breeders but also between studbooks, the WBFSH has often been called upon to make a statement as to who the rightful breeder of a horse is. At the last two joint meetings of the WBFSH board and executive committee this issue was debated in depth. Following these deliberations, the WBFSH recommends that:

“Unless there was a contractual agreement at the time of sale of a pregnant mare, whereby the rightful breeder of the foal in utero sold with the mare is clearly defined, the rightful breeder of a foal is the entity that owned and/or had full rights to the mare (in the case where a mare may be leased for a breeding season) and registered the foal upon its birth with a studbook to obtain registration papers.”

DNA Colour testing

With the Red Factor test, Red pigment (e) is recessive to black pigment (E).
As the chestnut gene is recessive, the horse in question must carry two copies (e/e) to have the chestnut base colour.
The dominant gene being the (E) allows black pigment on the coat so when a horse tests as (E/E) they do not carry the chestnut gene at all.
That means even if they were to mate with a chestnut stallion (e/e), all offspring would receive a copy of each making them (E/e).
The (E) trumps the (e) and thus the offspring will all be bay to black in base colour.
In other words, any horse that is (E/E) will never be able have chestnut foals regardless of who it mates with!
Here is a link to Equine Genetics Research Centre website as well,which has a slightly more in-depth/technical explanation:

Do my horses need to be microchipped in order to be registered? Do they need to have a DNA test?

Microchip or brand is required for ID, either one is sufficient.

DNA testing is now mandatory for all foals and horses being registered from 1st August 2022.


Do you accept horses for classification with a percentage of Percheron blood?

Yes we do.

To be classed as an ACE Warmblood it has to contain 25% warmblood.

Percherons are classed as Cold Bloods, TB and Arabs are classed as Hot bloods.

If it has 50% Percheron, 25% Hot blood, and 25% Warmblood it can go into the Warmblood register.  If there is no Warmblood breeding then the horse or foal can go into our Sporthorse Register.

Does Sire and Dam have to be registered with ACE?

The sire and dam don’t have to be registered with ACE, but they do have to be registered.
If the dam is registered with an approved Society we will just need a copy of her registration and a photo of mare and foal together so we can identify that the dam is correct.

I have a service certificate for my mare and I have the breeding details of the line of the dam. Are these details enough to have her Warmblood registered? The mare’s sire is registered so I would assume you have a DNA profile of him.
  1. A Service Certificate is required for all registrations.
  2. The breeding details of the dam will need to be verified by a DNA test.  Hand written or word of mouth breeding is not sufficient proof of the pedigree.  Any breeding that can’t be proven will not printed on the registration.
  3. Most Stallions have a DNA profile, but there are still a few that do not.  If in doubt, we can check with our Lab.
I have a yearling warmblood gelding by ACE reg stallion and have an ACE service certificate for this, his mother is reg AWHA but not ACE. I have since sold the mare and I was wondering if I could register him with ACE and how much it is and how I would go about it.
  1. We would first need you to become a member of the ACE Group Inc as registration is a members-only service. The cost is $75 for a single, you can complete an online application here: .
  2. We would love to help you register your gelding. It would depend on whether your gelding was produced using AI or was hand served as to whether there would be a need to provide DNA analysis to prove his parentage? This should be stated on the Service Certificate. If he was bred using AI there would be a cost of $90 for DNA analysis and $140 for the Registration Application. For this, you would receive a Horse Passport that shows his pedigree and stays with him for life.
I have recently purchased a yearling from a well-known stud. He currently isn’t registered with any society or breed groups. I was wondering if he’d be eligible for ACE registration and what paperwork would I need to provide to register him. Does the breeder need to supply the paperwork and send it through or can I do it with a copy of the Service Certificate?

Yes, he is eligible.  A Service Certificate is needed. Follow this link for complete information.

You will also be required to become a member of ACE Group in order to register your yearling.

I just pull 20 mane hairs out by the roots and put in a sandwich bag clearly labelled and sent? I’m a little confused as the ‘Form’ states ‘within the provided kit’.

If you are a member, we can forward you a DNA kit for the horse along with what’s required for analysis.

DNA samples can be taken from the mane or tail provided there is a good supply of roots visible.

I own two warmblood mares; neither are ACE registered. One is registered with AWSHA and the other isn’t registered with any organisation. The mares are full sisters and their dam was 50% Percheron, 50% TB and not ACE (or other) registered. Would my mares be eligible for ACE registration? Do they require an assessment?

Your mares don’t require an assessment in order to be registered, however, we would recommend that you have them assessed if you intend to use them for breeding.  That way you can make the most of our Assessors’ expertise when you choose a stallion for them in order to make the most of their attributes!

You can apply for registration without assessment by becoming a member of ACE Group Inc. and completing the forms and paying the fees.  It would depend on how much detail you can provide for them as to which studbook they are entered into.  The more detail obviously the better.  I would recommend having them assessed and taking it from there.

I want to register the yearling out of my mare (register both at once) who is by frozen semen from a registered sire and I also assume you have a DNA profile of him also.
  1. If you are a member, I can forward you a DNA kit for the yearling with what’s required for analysis as she was conceived by frozen semen.
  2. If the mare was covered ‘live’ or used chilled semen, then the service certificate will be sufficient for her.
  3. The Sire’s DNA profiles can be checked on our Database.  (Contact the office for this information).
I was wondering if there is an annual fee for registration, or if it’s a life registration?

There is a once off registration fee for the horse.

Other fees that are incurred: –

  • with the transfer of ownership if the horse is sold – paid by the new owner
  • if your copy of the horses’ passport is lost/stolen
  • DNA tests if required on registration.

The only annual fee is for membership for yourself.

Forms and pricing can be downloaded from

I would like to get my mare and yearling registered with ACE. My mare (purchased as a young horse) and her dam have never been registered but I do have their breeding details.
  1. If you are a member, I can forward you a DNA kit for them and what’s required for analysis.
  2. If the mare was covered ‘live’ or used chilled semen, then the service certificate will be sufficient for her.
  3. DNA samples can be taken from the mane or tail provided there is a good supply of roots visible.
I would like to get my mare and yearling registered with ACE. My mare (purchased as a young horse) and her dam have never been registered but I do have their breeding details.
  1. If you are a member, I can forward you a DNA kit for them and what’s required for analysis.
  2. DNA samples can be taken from the mane or tail provided there is a good supply of roots visible.
  3. DNA is mandatory for all registrations from 1st August 2022
I’m just wondering the process I need to go through to change my horses rego into my name ?
You should have been given registration papers and a certificate of ownership signing the horse over to you. But if you weren’t then you can complete the transfer of ownership form available on the website.
I’m looking at buying a broodmare which is registered with ACE. She is 13.3hh and I want to breed her to a sire that isn’t registered warmblood or ACE registered but is registered through Australian sports pony register. I am just wondering if the resulting foal will be able to be registered with ACE Group?

Yes, the foal will be able to be registered with ACE Group.

You may find this link helpful:

I’m not sure if I’m able to register my filly as only her sire is registered. I only know the parents of her dam and nothing else.

Do you have a service certificate for your filly?  If you can send all the information you have to [email protected] our Breed Registrar can take a look for you.

Once horses are registered with you, is it for life or is there a yearly fee? The owner needs to pay yearly membership though, is that correct?

The horse is registered for life.  Owner membership is yearly but you are under no obligation to renew.