You are required to be a member of ACE Group Inc. in order to register your horse.

  1. Copy of Sire Registration Papers.
  2. Copy of Dam Registration Papers.  If the mare isn’t registered then she will need to be registered and DNA taken.
  3. A Completed Service Certificate.  If a service certificate has been sent through by the semen provider prior to registration, please notify the ACE Group Inc. office.
  4. Foal’s AI Form or ET Form (AI Record Form pdf)(ET Record Form pdf)
  5. A DNA test is required for all AI and ET foals and horses.
  6. A DNA test is required for all registrations from 1/8/2022
  7. Foal or horse to be registered has to be microchipped or branded.
  8. Completed horse ID Form (Downloadable here)
  9. A photo of the foal or horse from both sides
  10. A photo of the head
  11. A picture from behind to confirm the markings
  12. FOR FOAL REGISTRATION: The foal has to be sighted on the dam by an ACE representative (e.g. During ACE Assessment Tour) or vet. If this is impossible due to geographic location, the breeder has to submit adequate photographs of the FOAL AND DAM together..

Use our online form, fill in the form and upload your documents.

If you prefer a manual form, download and print the form from here, fill in the information and attach all necessary documents and post to PO Box 224, Canungra  Qld  4275.

If all required information is supplied and correct then the application can be processed very quickly.

Email us if any doubts, [email protected]