Welcome To Australian Continental Equestrian Group Inc!

We are proud to be a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).
The ACE Passport has been added to the list of “FEI approved national identification documents” available on the FEI website as well as on the FEI Database.
This means that this Passport can now be used as a national identification document for FEI horses.


Postal Address:

ACE Group Inc.

PO Box 224

Canungra  Qld  4275

Phone:  0436 010 676

email to: [email protected]

Change Of Ownership $35

Please note registrations and transfers are members-only services.

In order to transfer the ownership of your horse you will be required to become a member of ACE Group and you can do that by using our online application form on our website. https://acegroupinc.com.au/membership-application-online/

To transfer ownership you can email the completed Ownership certificate to this office for a fee of $35.  You will then be sent by mail, a new Ownership and Birth Certificate in your name.

An invoice will be sent whereby you can pay the fees online.

Please ensure that the details of the previous owner and the purchaser are filled out completely.   Include any missing details e.g. microchip and/or height.

If the transfer of ownership has not been completed, please submit a copy of your contract of Sale (signed by the Seller and Purchaser).

The onus is on the buyer of the horse to transfer the ownership unless prior arrangements have been made.


~ ACE Application Transfer of Ownership 2018 in PDF format

If you prefer, please post the transfer application (including the original Certificate of Ownership) to:

The ACE Group Inc.
PO Box 224
Canungra  Qld  4275