A few points below, in order to understand more clearly the regulations around registration of horses with ACE Group Inc.

  • Only one Passport is permitted per horse.
  • Registration of a horse with multiple WBFSH member organisations is not permitted. Where the horse is registered first with a member of the WBFSH it can then be recognised by other WBFSH member organisations. For example, a horse with an Oldenburger Passport can be recognised by ACE but not registered with ACE, and vice versa.
  • Multiple registrations are possible where other organisations are not WBFSH members. For example, if a horse is registered with the Arabian Horse Association of Australia (AHAA) and then with ACE, it can receive an ACE Passport, because AHAA is not a member of the WBFSH. However, where a horse is registered with AWHA, registration with ACE is not permitted, as AWHA is a member of the WBFSH.
  • Stallions registered but not licensed with another WBFSH organisation (such as AWHA, Oldenburger, Westphalian) are permitted to use ACE service certificates only after assessment and licensing with ACE. These stallions pay a ‘registration’ fee to ACE in order to be entered into the Studbook and receive ACE member services. If a stallion is registered and licensed with another WBFSH organisation in another country he will be automatically accepted into the ACE Stallion Studbook.