Westphalia, Oldenburger, Friesians and Warlander

All horses to be registered with the Oldenburger Verband or the Westfaelische Pferdestammbuch must be DNA tested. 
  1. The ACE Group Inc. representative may take the hair sample on the day of recording.  Please ensure the foal to be registered is handled appropriately.
  2. All horses to be recorded/registered with the Oldenburger Verband or theWestfaelische Pferdestammbuch must be microchipped.  To ensure a smooth registration process with the Oldenburger Verband or the Westfaelische Pferdestammbuch, please contact your vet to implant a microchip prior to Assessment/Recording.
  3. Please note, there will be no micro-chipping available on the day.
  4. Due to State legislation, hot branding will be subject to restrictions.  Please contact the ACE office for further information.
  5. Please complete any necessary paperwork prior to the day of recording/assessment and submit this to the ACE Group Inc. representative on the day.  Any missing paperwork will remain your responsibility to submit directly to the Oldenburger Verband or the Westfaelische Pferdestammbuch in Germany.
  6. If you have any questions regarding eligibility for your progeny, please contact the ACE Group Inc. Vice President, Tina Barker vicepresidentacegroupinc@gmail.com 
  • The Westphalian Verband like most other German Breed Societies have certain rules and procedures in place regarding Membership, Studbook renewals etc.  These rules, ACE Group Inc. have no influence over and agree that they are quite different to Australia where we do not charge a yearly Studbook fee.
  • The ACE Group Inc. is the agent only, making sure that the paperwork we supply for registration with the Westphalian Verband is complete and correct. Invoicing, membership renewals and all fees associated with your membership with Westphalia is a direct link between you and the Westphalian Verband.

A very warm welcome to the Warlander Studbook Society


For bookings of your Warlander to be independently assessed during the 2019Tour, please contact the ACE Office.

A very warm welcome to the Friesian Sporthorse Association.

(www.friesiansporthorseassociation.com )

The Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA) is the official registry of the Friesian Sporthorse. Internationally recognised and registering Friesian Sporthorses worldwide. 
For bookings of your FSA registered Friesian and Friesian Sporthorse to be independently assessed during the 2019 ACE Breeding Inspection and Assessment Tour, please contact the ACE office.