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Kennedy WE imp
Rosglen Farm

ACE is a service provider, here to help. The ACE Group Inc. offers membership, horse registrations, assessment, DNA typing, and much more.

While emphasising on the ACE Warmblood operating the ACE Warmblood Studbooks, the ACE Studbook Inc. also offers the ACE Performance Pony Studbook as well as a Registration opportunity for all other Performance Horses, segregated into two Registers, the ACE Small Performance Horse Register and the ACE Performance Horse Register. In summary, the ACE Studbooks cater for all Performance Horses, great and small:

  • ACE Warmblood  Studbooks
  • ACE Performance Pony Studbooks
  • ACE Performance Horse Register
  • ACE Small Performance Horse Register

With the operation of the ACE Warmblood Studbook, ACE is producing individual Mare and Stallions studbooks, aiming to breed a refined, correct and well framed Australian Warmblood Horse that will excel in a performance orientated equestrian discipline (Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and or Showing).

ACE registered Australian Warmblood Horses are eligible to enter into Warmblood Breed Classes at almost all Agricultural Shows.

ACE aims to stimulate interest and effectiveness in quality control of Warmblood and Performance horses and ponies suited to the equestrian sport by inviting a totally independent, overseas expert once a year to assess breeding and riding horses including foals. Independent assessments have been held since 1996 and are helping to benchmark our Performance Horses within a national and international market.

(All performance horses are eligible to be assessed)

Finch Farm Cairo

Finch Farm


ACE presents awards to promote the best ACE registered Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing and Show Horse and new in 2015 ACE will be presenting a breeders award.

ACE creates and maintains Certificates of Pedigree incorporated into the ACE Horse Passport, Certificates of Ownership and Assessment as well as Performance Records.

ACE members benefit from frequent E-News and have access to free classifieds and basic for sale advertising including a free annual stud listing on the ACE Group Inc. website with links provided from the ACE Facebook page.

ACE assists in the development and improvement of Australian competitors/competitions in the disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Showing / Breed classes through sponsorship.

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The ACE Group

The ACE Story

ACE was founded as “The Australian Continental Equestrian Group (the ACE Group)” in 1994 by Ulrich and Belinda Klatte of Belcam Warmblood Stud.

Mid 2015, ACE has undergone a complete restructure, culminating in the registration as an incorporated Association, in order to move ACE forward into it’s next phase of operation.

The former “ACE Group” has become the ACE Studbooks Inc with a name change back to the “Australian Continental Equestrian Group Inc”.

Introducing the ACE Committee of Management

Ulrich Klatte, President

Email for President: president@acegroupinc.com.au

Ulrich grew up in North Germany on his family’s horse breeding farm “Zuchthof Klatte”.

He started riding at the age of four and has never looked back. His early years were spent breaking in and training young horses, also competing in showjumping and three day eventing. He has many international successes to his name.

Since immigrating to Australia, Ulrich has continued to pursue his competition career having competed in a number of World Cup Showjumping events and also making an impression on the dressage scene having competed to Prix St George level.

He is Director of Belcam Warmblood Stud.   Ulrich has Level Three coaching accreditation and trains horses and riders up to FEI level in Dressage and Showjumping.


  1. Tina Barker , Vice President
  1. Amy van der Heide, Secretary
  1. James Miller, Treasurer
  2. David Finch, Committee Member
    David is the managing director of Finch Farm Training and Breeding Centre, home to an innovative international breeding program featuring imported and homebred stallions.

He is one of an elite group of NCAS level 3 accredited jumping specialist coaches in Australia.

David is a national coach educator, former Equestrian Australia Coach of the Year, five-time Equestrian Queensland Coach of the Year, and a high level competitive rider who has achieved success at Grand Prix and World Cup levels.

David is vice chair of Equestrian Queensland and served as a director from 2008 to 2014. He is excited to be part of ACE Group Inc.


The former ACE Group was the first equestrian organization to provide a comprehensive Register and Studbooks to cater for all Performance Breeds in their various categories. Warmblood horses forms the base of the stud book with other performance breeds well catered for.

The ACE Group Inc. believes it is the breeder’s right to select their breeding sires and mares. The ACE Group Inc. will support the breeder’s choice by offering registration for all Performance Horses and offers the opportunity for Warmblood eligible Stallions and Mares to be entered into the Stud Book after Licensing / Assessment.

ACE co-ordinates an independent and non-biased annual assessment for breeding and performance stock, by facilitating this assessment the ACE Group Inc. provides assistance to the breeder to achieve their goals of equaling European Breeding Standards.

In 2005 Alex Wright (ne Klatte) took over the management and administration of the former ACE Group. Alex redefined the ACE Groups values towards a customer friendly, affordable, service orientated organization, where the breeder is acknowledged. Alex was dedicated to promoting the Australian Bred Horse nationally and internationally.

In 2013 the former ACE Group had another management change to Imke Quast. Imke set ACE Group up as a member of WBFSH and then before leaving in 2016, set it up as an Incorporation calling it ACE Group Inc.

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ACE Now and Tomorrow

Trussardi (imp)
Dynamik Stallions

The ACE Group provides;

  1. Services such as membership, horse and pony registration, assessment, DNA typing, etc..
  2. A Warmblood Studbook – Breed Society for Warmbloods – ACE registered Warmblood are eligible to be entered into Warmblood Breed Classes at almost every Agricultural Show, e.g. EKKA (Brisbane Royal), Sydney Royal Easter Show as well as Melbourne Royal Show.
  3. A Performance Pony Studbook – Breed Society for Performance Ponies.
  4. An easy and efficient Performance Horse and Small Performance Horse Register.
  5. Tools for breeders to improve their breeding stock e.g. assessment by overseas expert – positive feedback.
  6. A platform for breeder’s to showcase their horses in every discipline.
  7. Recognition for the breeder, rider, and owner via the ACE Awards
  8. Promotion of the ACE Horse, ACE Breeder, ACE Rider and ACE Owner via free advertising of studs and stallions at promotional events and publications.
  9. Free classifieds and stud listing on the ACE Website with links to the ACE Facebook page
  10. ACE Horse Passport
  11. A great website, thanks to BlueCrate Software


The Future of the ACE Group Inc is a positive and exciting one, delivering an even more efficient service for breeders.

bud eq

Budweiser (imp)
Kitara Lodge Performance Horses


The ACE Group Inc provide a complete Registration Structure, a Platform for Promotion, Central and Consistent Communication and Ongoing Education for the Australian Equestrian Industry.


Achieve your dreams and shine, promote and communicate – the ACE Group Inc.

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